Searching for the Value? Try New V2Cig


If you are searching for the best value against money you spend, then there is no better choice than the new exciting V2 Cigs. The already top most battery KR808D-1 of V2 Cigs is now coming in an even more alluring package, with lots of new options included and much more attractive features, all at an affordable price with an unmatched, generous starter kit of V2Cigs.

To give you an idea of what they are offering in their all inclusive starter kit; here is a list of main items;

V2 power Cigs
(PCC) Portabl Charging Case which as to your convenience by giving you an option to charge even when you are on the move.
3 batteries with six exciting options i.e. you can choose between automatic and manual, and between white, black and chrome batteries.
Car charger
V2 Wall Charger
The unique USB pass-through
25 refill cartomizers in 5 flavors, not offered by any other brand
carrying case
user manual for newbie’s
And that’s not all. You can have this attractive starter kit in an economical price of $146.59 and if you have the life time 10% discount, it would cost you only $131.46.
If you are a new convert to V2 cigs, I would suggest you to order Mixed Sampler 10 Pack. Get the best out of this gorgeous offer by ordering Mixed Sampler 10 pack.

V2 saves you from the mess and you can easily order whatever you want directly from their website which is very user friendly and well organized. If you want to order mixed flavors to make a blend of your own choice, just go to each section’s drop down menu and fill in your choice in the “comments” fields. It’s as easy as 1 2 3. No other brand is offering such a convenience in ordering procedure as is offered by V2Cigs.

One thing I specifically liked about V2 was their very supportive and kind customer service. I had a very good personal experience with them. I asked so many questions and got satisfactory answers for all of them. If you have any query about customizing the starter kit, strength of the cartomizers, the procedure to use USB pass-through, nicotine strength, or anything else, you can call them right away, and stay assured that you would bee promptly answered.

Here, you should keep one thing in mind to avoid frustration. Before you place your order, call on the hot line and make sure that everything you need is in stock.

Once you have placed your order, they guarantee fastest delivery and great check out experience. I decided to use FedEx for delivery and had my order delivered after just a couple of days.

Variety of Flavors;

Many of the converts to e-cigs still look for the classic taste of tobacco while there are others who are keen to explore new flavors and make vaping a fun activity. V2Cigs is concerned about both. It caters the needs of both. In addition to three classic tobacco flavors, they are also offering some fun flavors and their goal is to introduce 6 new flavors every year, so they are always in a pursuit to add more choices for their customers.

Tobacco flavors;


Fun Flavors include

If I am asked to rank the tobacco flavors, I would rank Sahara on the top, followed by Congress and then Cowboy. However, you may have different preferences according to your taste.

When it comes to fun flavors, it is just not possible for me to rank them. Each one of them has a unique taste of its own.

If you are a starter, it would be a wise choice to get your cartridges refill or else, you can buy new cartridges. Some of the experienced vapers use a customized blend of their favorite blends. If you want more information on this, refer to E-Liquid reviews.

One of the most adorable features of V2 cigs which earned them marvelous appreciation is their powerful batteries. The most popular KR808D-1 battery used by V2 Cigs is now offered by them with as many choices as 6. You can either choose manual, or automatic and you can also choose between Black, White and Chrome. To give you an understanding on what is the difference between the manual and automatic, and how they work, here is a brief description of both;

Manual battery is operated with the help of a button, which when clicked, pre-heats the e-liquid, giving you an unmatched vaping sensation with thick vapors. It has a longer life as compared to the automatic battery
If you thing that operating manual battery with a button is a mess, you can use a more convenient option of automatic battery. Although it has a shorter life compared to manual battery, but it works in an automated way with the help of sensors which automatically detect whenever you inhale, and heat the e-liquid immediately giving you great satisfaction at every puff.

In addition to a choices of color, and the type of battery, you also have an option to choose between three sizes of battery;

V2 Long: With cartridge this measures 140 millimeters which I a length much longer than a tobacco cigarette. At 350mAh not only does it last all day on one charge, but also gives a superb vapor.
V2 Standard: It is the most popular battery V2 offers, and it is included as standard in kits if you don’t specify which battery you want. With cartridge, it measures 136 millimeters – slightly longer than tobacco cigarettes. At 250mAh it delivers a very satisfactory vaping experience on one charge.
V2 Shorty: Measures 126 mm with cartridge i.e. barely longer than tobacco cigarettes. At 150mAh, the charge is pretty short. If you choose shorty, I would suggest you to select automatic for a longer charge.

Variety of Colors;

Now you can also customize your V2Cig with your favorite color scheme among the four schemes offered;

Black with red tip giving you a classic look of a smoker
Black with blue tip for a corporate touch.
Black with black tip for dark mystery
Chrome with Blue tip giving you a high tech look.

Unique USB Pass-Through

A USB pass-through, though a tiny looking device, would go a long way in making your vaping experience more convenient. It is a gadget associated with V2Cigs only, and is not offered by any other brand.

USB pass through works like a battery but comes with a power cord. You can plug it in computer’s USB port, in the V2 Wall Charger or in the car charger. Now, you are ready to vape away wherever you are and whenever you want. It gives you a luxury to use you e-cig anywhere. Moreover, it gives a very thick vapor, satisfying your needs to the maximum. However since the USB pass-through operates on a very high voltage, it is like to consume your cartridge relatively fast. This is a disadvantage associated with this device.

For use with computer, the V2 Notebook USB pass-through is being offered in black, and it has a short straight cord which measures 4.2ft or 1.3m

For using with V2 Wall Charger, V2 Power Cig is offered in white, and it has a longer and curly cord having a length of 7.2ft or 2.2m.

An Overview;
The most generous starter kit, offering lots of options
Unmatched product which not only look great but also offer an unmatched performance.
Unmatched manufacturing standards due the use of sophisticated technology.
The best cost-value balance
A great variety of tasteful flavors, with new flavors being added.
Empty cartridges which you can fill with favorite brands’ e-liqud.
V2 E-liquid to be launched soon.
A life time warranty on electronic gadgets
The least needed item-30 days money back guarantee!

Above all, a 10% life time discount which you can avail by the use of coupon code, makes the deal even more exciting.